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Shoot the Gap Drill

Setup A defensive player and a ball carrier each stand five yards behind the line of scrimmage. Three players holding blocking pads stand on the line of scrimmage with three yards of space in between each other. Purpose The purpose of this drill is to teach li... Read More »

Cutoff & Cleanup Drill

Setup Cones are placed as pictured in the diagram above. One offensive player with a football stands ten yards away from the center of the drill. Two defensive players lay face down on the ground, ten yards away from the center of the drill, pointing away from... Read More »

Turnover Turnaround Drill

Setup The entire defense lines up in their defensive formation on the field. Purpose One of the most exciting times for a defense is when they secure a turnover and begin running the ball down the field back the other way. Sometimes, in the midst of the excite... Read More »

Blitz Detection Drill

Setup Position the five players of the offensive line in formation on the line of scrimmage. Place seven player in a defensive formation to act as the defensive front seven. Purpose Teach offensive lineman how to pass block while working together as a unit. Sp... Read More »

Jump Ball Drill

Setup A player and a coach stand six to eight yards away from each other. Players stand with their back turned to the coach. Purpose Teach players to quickly locate the location of a fumbled football and to quickly dive on top of it. Drill Description The coac... Read More »

Shed the Block Drill

Setup An offensive player and a defensive player stand ten yards apart with a blocking pad player in between them. Purpose Teach defensive players how to engage with a blocker, shed the block, and make a tackle on the ball carrier. Drill Description The drill ... Read More »

Popcorn Drill

Setup Place two cones ten yards apart and position a player in the middle of the cones. A coach stands five yards in front of the player and holds onto two footballs. Purpose The Popcorn drill doubles as both an agility drill as well as a ball handling and eye... Read More »

Fumble and Tumble Drill

Setup Player lays face down in a pushup position on the ground pointing his head away from the drill. A coach with a football stands 2 yards away from the player. Purpose Whenever the football is on the ground in the middle of a play, it presents an absolutely... Read More »

Hot Pigskin Drill

Setup Players stand in a circle with a single football for the group, or, for the more advanced version, each player in the circle holds a football while another player lines up in the middle of the circle without a football. Purpose Based upon the simple chil... Read More »

Three Man Weave

Setup Three players space out on a line with clear space in front of them on the field. The middle player holds a football. Purpose Allow new and/or young football players to get a feel for holding, tossing, catching, and carrying and football. Although the Th... Read More »

Scoop and Score Drill

Setup Coaches hold a football and stand ten yards in front of the players. Purpose Anytime the football is on the ground, it means that the next few seconds have the potential to significantly impact the game. Not only could the defense recover the football an... Read More »

Handoff and Pop Drill

Setup A quarterback and running back line up in their regular formation alignment for a particular run play. A player or coach holding a blocking pad lines up near the location of where the handoff for the run play will take place. Purpose Running backs must b... Read More »