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Fumble Agility Drill

Setup A player and a coach face each other, about three yards apart. The coach holds two footballs. Purpose Work on the ability for players to quickly react to the football, develop smooth agility skills, and efficient recovery skills in picking up a fumbled f... Read More »

Weave Tackle Drill

Setup Place five cones in a zigzag formation with five yards of space in between each cone. Position a tackle dummy at the end of the zigzag formation. Purpose Defensive players gain agility work while incorporating the technique of a tackle on a tackle dummy ... Read More »

Agility Tackle Drill

Setup Place five cones in a diagonal zigzag formation, with each set of cones five yards away from each other. Place a tackle dummy in the final position at the end of the zigzag. Purpose Defensive players merge their agility work with the goal of a proper for... Read More »

Jump & Go Drill

Setup Clear ten yards of space for players to run. Purpose Players develop explosive power and quickness in first steps off of the line of scrimmage. Drill Description Players begin the drill by jumping into the air vertically as high as they can. As soon as t... Read More »

Somersault Drill

Setup Clear out 20 yards of space for the drill participants to run down the field. Purpose The somersault drill is used to get players accustomed to contact with the ground while controlling their body in a low position throughout the course of this condition... Read More »

Pylon Drill

Setup Place two cones in the center of the field on the five yard line to indicate where players start the drill. Place another two cones on the outside of the five yard line that splits the distance between the center cones and the sideline. A defensive playe... Read More »

Triple Punch Drill

Setup Position three players with blocking pads around the player. One blocking pad should be directly in front, while the other two are angled around the player on each side. Purpose Teach players to quickly react and punch their hands into their opponents... Read More »

Cage Fight Drill

Setup Line up a square area to contain the cage fight competition. Purpose The Cage Fight Drill gives players the opportunity to compete and showcase their tenacity to obtain possession of the football. Drill Description Prepare the competition by allowing eac... Read More »

Peel Drill

Setup One defender lines up in front of two players holding blocking pads. One ball carrier lines up behind the two blocking pads. Purpose Teach players how to peel off of blocks and get to the ball carrier. Anytime there is a ball carrier on the field, it mea... Read More »

Bubble Bounce Drill

Setup Place one cone in the middle of the field placed five yards deep in the backfield where a ball carrier would begin the play. Place two more cones a few yards past the line of scrimmage towards the sideline where a linebacker and a defensive back would me... Read More »

Pick Up Drill

Setup Place a series of cones or bags that make four lanes of space, three yards wide. A football is placed in the first and third lane. Purpose The Pick Up Drill teaches players to remain low while encountering different play situations. Getting low to the gr... Read More »

First Step Drill

Setup Players partner up and stand facing each other in an athletic stance with their feet shoulder-width apart. Purpose One of the worst moves a defender can make on the football field is to make a false step. A false step is when the offense makes a move, bu... Read More »