Turnover Turnaround Drill


The entire defense lines up in their defensive formation on the field.


One of the most exciting times for a defense is when they secure a turnover and begin running the ball down the field back the other way. Sometimes, in the midst of the excitement, some of the other defensive players do not do a good enough job of turning around and blocking for their teammate taking the ball the other way.

The Turnover Turnaround teaches your team to turnaround and run down the field as a unit to lead block for the ball carrier holding the football as he makes his way toward the end zone whenever a turnover is secured.

Drill Description

A coach stands in the offensive backfield and instructs the defense to run in place by firing their feet. The coach then either throws the football up into the air for the defense to intercept and take the other way. Or the coach rolls the football hard into the ground to force the defense to scoop up the fumble and take it the other way.

As soon as the turnover is secured, all players start running down the field to lead block for their teammate on the way to the end zone.

The Turnover Turnaround principle can be inherently implemented as a part of any team defense drill. Simply instruct your team to turnaround and run down the field as a team whenever a turnover naturally occurs in the midst of a team drill.

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