Popcorn Drill


Place two cones ten yards apart and position a player in the middle of the cones. A coach stands five yards in front of the player and holds onto two footballs.


The Popcorn drill doubles as both an agility drill as well as a ball handling and eye/hand coordination drill.

Players require intense focus and dual task management as they work on managing two separate footballs as well as quickly changing direction throughout the drill.

Drill Description

The player begins the drill by shuffling laterally towards one of the cones while keeping his body facing towards the coach.

The coach tosses one of the two footballs to the player.

As soon as the player catches the ball, he stops his shuffle and begins shuffling in the opposite direction towards the other cone. As he changes his direction, the player immediately tosses the football back to the coach.

This begins the rapid-fire nature of this drill. As soon as the player tosses the first football back into the air, the coach then throws the second football back to him.

Throughout this drill, both footballs will simultaneously be in the air as they are thrown back and forth. Each time the player catches a ball, he must change the direction of his shuffle.

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