All good football coaches know that players don’t play better in the game than they do in practice. That is why it is incredibly important that you make the most of the time you have in practice to prioritize what your players spend their time working on.

Football teams have practices all throughout the week, but they only have one day a week where they actually play a game. Preparing for productive practices may be even more important than preparing for games. Make sure that your team is equipped with all of the best drills to maximize their development in practice, in order to maximize their results in games.

Successful drills lead to successful practices.

Successful practices lead to successful games.

Successful games lead to successful teams.

Start planning your team’s success with the drills found on this site.

About the Author

The author of the Best Football Drills book is Dillon Hess. He has written multiple football books about football strategy and football coaching.

While providing coaches with books that help equip them with specific football strategies, he realized that one of the most important tools football coaches need is a football play designer.

After realizing how difficult and time consuming it can be for coaches to draw football plays and organize their playbooks, he created Playbook Hut. Playbook Hut is the home for a football coach’s playbook. It provides coaches with an incredibly intuitive play designer and tools to easily create custom football formations and manage all aspects of their playbooks.

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