Fumble and Tumble Drill


Player lays face down in a pushup position on the ground pointing his head away from the drill. A coach with a football stands 2 yards away from the player.


Whenever the football is on the ground in the middle of a play, it presents an absolutely critical opportunity in the game for one of the teams to recover the ball and gain possession.

The Fumble and Tumble Drill teaches players to quickly turn and recover a bouncing football while also working on their speed and quickness ability.

Drill Description

A coach standing in view of the player rolls the football behind the player with enough power for the ball to roll at least ten yards down the field. As the coach begins to roll the ball, he says “Ball!” to the player which instructs him to go.

When the player sees the coach roll the football and hears him say “Ball!” the player pops up off of the ground and turns around to run after the football. As the player tracks down the bouncing football, he dives on top of the football to secure it on the ground.

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