Hot Pigskin Drill


Players stand in a circle with a single football for the group, or, for the more advanced version, each player in the circle holds a football while another player lines up in the middle of the circle without a football.


Based upon the simple childhood game of Hot Potato, the Hot Pigskin Drill builds players’ awareness and ability to catch and handle a football.

Drill Description

Easy version: Players stand in a circle and rapidly toss the pigskin (football) from player to player, transitioning the ball as fast as possible without dropping it to the ground.

Advanced Version: Player’s on the outside circle randomly take turns of saying “Ball!” and tossing the ball to the player in the middle. The player in the middle must catch the ball, and toss it back to the one who threw it to him. As soon as he tosses the ball back, another player will say “Ball!” and throw it into the center. This pattern continues and forces the player in the middle to be on his toes and quickly react in order to make the catch.

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