Blitz Detection Drill


Position the five players of the offensive line in formation on the line of scrimmage. Place seven player in a defensive formation to act as the defensive front seven.


Teach offensive lineman how to pass block while working together as a unit. Specifically, this drill teaches your offensive line how to detect a blitz from the linebackers, and use teamwork to make sure that they pick up and block all five players.

Offensive lineman are the biggest, brawniest players on the football field, but they also must utilize an incredible amount of their brain, to work as a unit to make blocks and execute their assignments while also looking out the corner of their eyes to detect blitz attempts.

Drill Description

A coach stands behind the offensive line and indicates by pointing to the defense which of the linebackers should blitz, and where they should blitz.

The coach then gives the cadence and the members of the offensive line work together to not only block all four of the defensive lineman, but also to spread out and pick up the blitzing linebacker.

Coaches can increase the difficulty level by instructing certain lineman to back off into pass coverage and sending multiple linebackers in on a blitz.

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