Scoop and Score Drill


Coaches hold a football and stand ten yards in front of the players.


Anytime the football is on the ground, it means that the next few seconds have the potential to significantly impact the game. Not only could the defense recover the football and gain possession, but if they are able to scoop it up on the run and take it the other way, the defense could easily get all the way into the end zone and score a defensive touchdown to put points on the board.

The Scoop and Score Drill teaches players how to scoop up the ball on the run and take it the other way.

Drill Description

The coach starts the drill by rolling the football into the open field in front of the player.

As soon as the ball is on the ground, the player runs toward the football with a controlled pace. Due to the shape of a football, it can bounce in all kinds of unpredictable ways. Therefore, players must ensure that they use proper scooping form in order to secure possession of the ball while on the run. Upon getting close to the ball, the player extends both of his arms down with his fingertips just barely hovering over the ground. As he gets his hands under the football, he brings both of his arms up and into his body.

The first priority for any fumble is to jump on the ball if there are other people around, because gaining possession is more important than risking the other team getting the ball. So, if the ball is near other players or too far out of reach, then the player should just dive on the ball to secure it. But, if the ball is in the open field, then players should capitalize on the opportunity to scoop it up and take it into the end zone.

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