Three Man Weave


Three players space out on a line with clear space in front of them on the field. The middle player holds a football.


Allow new and/or young football players to get a feel for holding, tossing, catching, and carrying and football.

Although the Three Man Weave is typically used as a basketball drill, this same concept can be used on the football field to grow a player’s ability to work with the football and coordinate with teammates.

Drill Description

Although the weave pattern can be confusing at first, there are two simple rules that players have to follow and these rules will always keep them straight.

Rule 1) Pass to the player on the opposite outside of you.

Rule 2) After you pass the ball, run directly behind the player you just passed to.

Continue this pattern down the field.

The pass between players can be tailored to the player’s skill level. For example, you can start with simple underhand tosses, gradually spread out by pitching the ball sideways, and eventually transitioning to throwing the ball overhand.

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