Peel Drill


One defender lines up in front of two players holding blocking pads. One ball carrier lines up behind the two blocking pads.


Teach players how to peel off of blocks and get to the ball carrier.

Anytime there is a ball carrier on the field, it means that he has up to ten of his teammates blocking for him. The Peel Drill teaches players how to fend off those blocks and get to the outside in order to bring down the ball carrier.

Drill Description

The coach gives the offense a direction and initiates the drill with a command. The offensive players start moving in that direction. As the blocking pads approach the defender, they thrust the pad at the waist of the defender.

The defender must fend off the blocks by pushing them down and away, one at a time, as he peels off to the next level outside.

Upon reaching the runner, the defender will wrap him up and drive through him for a few yards without bringing him to the ground.

Players rotate through the responsibilities.

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