Weave Drill


Place eight cones in a straight line with two and a half yards of space in between them, which allows players to weave in between the cones.


Utilize this drill to work on player quickness and change of direction. When a player loses their footing on the football field because they try and fail to quickly change direction, it can ruin the entire play.  This drill requires your players to build up the muscle memory it takes to quickly and safely change directions.

Drill Description

There are two different versions of the weave drill that both feature different types of changes of direction.

The first version alternates players between a forward sprint to a backward back peddle. Each player takes a few quick steps forward, then opens up their hips to begin a back peddle at an angel.  Due to the face that this drill alternates the angels of the turns, it requires players to open up their hips and work on a different angle of the footwork and agility.

The second version alternates players between a forward sprint and a sideways shuffle.  Each player sprints forward in between cones, and after passing a cone, takes two shuffle steps to the side, before entering a sprint forward again past the next cone.

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