Three Cone Drill


Using three cones, place one cone on the starting line, the second cone five yards downfield, and the third cone five yards to the side of the second cone. This setup will allow both a right-hand turn and a left-hand turn without having to move any of the cones, simply by swapping which of the outside cones you utilize as the starting line.


Football is not a game played in a straight line, therefore, it is imperative that players prepare for quickly turning while running on the football field. The NFL combine utilizes this drill to measure how fast defensive players can run around the offensive line and blitz into the pocket in order to sack the Quarterback.

Drill Description

Also known as the “L Drill,” the Three Cone Drill simulates a quick turn while on the run on the football field. The compact turns require precise footwork in order to swiftly maneuver through the drill.

Players sprint forward five yards, touch the line, and then turn and sprint back to the starting line. After touching the starting line, they then begin the L portion of the drill by sprinting back to the middle cone. Upon reaching the middle cone, they turn 90 degrees around the middle cone, come underneath and turn 180 degrees around the last cone, and then return to the starting line by running 90 degrees around the middle cone again and sprinting through the finish line.

The focus is for players to use their footwork to completely circle around each cone as closely and as quickly as possible without knocking any of the cones down. If a player takes too wide of a turn around the cones it will significantly increase the time it takes for him to cross the finish line.

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