Star Drill


Place five cones on the field in a pattern that marks the five outer points of a star.  The start should have a height of 10 yards, which the markings of a football field will identify for you.


Build quickness by having players traverse through a star shaped course with many changes of directions.

Drill Description

Line up each of the drill’s participants behind the bottom left cone of the star. Make sure that players know the pattern that they will use to traverse the star.

Players will start in the bottom left and run to the top cone, quickly change direction, and go to the bottom right cone, then the far left cone, then the far right cone, then back across the face of the bottom left cone that they started from.

After the player has finished by crossed the face of the next player in line, then the next player should begin and continue until all players have gone once.

After all players have ran through the drill, switch the starting cone to the bottom right cone so that they will have to turn to the left for each change of direction to even it out.

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