Square Shuffle


Simply setup four cones to make a square that is 5 yards by five yards.


The Square Shuffle incorporates four different types of movements in order to improve player mobility and quickness. Featuring a sprint, a back peddle, and shuffles to each side, this drill quickly teaches athletes to rapidly navigate corners.

Drill Description

Starting in one corner, players start the drill by sprinting forward up the side of the square. Players then pass around the cone by laterally changing direction by entering a side shuffle across the top of the square. After rounding that corner, players enter a back peddle down the side of the square. Finally, players enter one last side shuffle across the bottom of the square.

All in all, players always remain facing the same direction throughout the entirety of the drill while they change their movement type.

With a large group of players lined up to run this drill, you can increase the flow of traffic through this drill by having multiple players navigate the square at the same time. You can do this by sending the second player when the first player reaches the far corner. Then send the third player as soon as the first player passes in front of him at the starting/finish line. Players then continue this pattern of initiating the drill when a player passes in front of them at the start/finish line.

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