Shuffle Shuttle


Utilize a space of 15 yards by using 4 cones to mark out 3 sets of 5 yards.  Each 5-yard increment will be used for a portion of the drill.


Build lateral quickness in your players by developing their side to side shuffling ability. This will allow defensive players to better break down and make tackles on ball carriers, as well as, allowing your offensive players to better slide in front of the defenders they are trying to block. All in all, this drill builds the players ability to mirror the movements of the target opponent of the football field.

Drill Description

Each participant lines up at the starting line facing the cones. Athletes should remember to keep their bodies facing the same direction of the cones throughout the entirety of the drill, as they are never supposed to turn their body.

Upon the start of the drill, athletes begin shuffling their feet as quickly as possible for five yards and then facing the same direction shuffle the opposite way back to the starting line. Athletes continue this pattern of shuffling back an forward in 5 yard, 10 yard, and 15 yard increments, always returning to the starting line. A foot should be placed on each line, before changing direction in order to ensure that athletes traverse the whole length of the drill without cutting themselves short.

For a proper shuffle, the athlete’s feet should never cross over each other. Instead, the front foot reaches downfield and the back foot quickly regathers underneath the body and next to the front foot, without crossing over.  This will ensure that the athlete doesn’t develop a bad habit that leads to their feet getting tangled and tripped up over each other.

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