Race Drill


Place three cones in s straight line with ten yards of space between each cone. Position two players in the middle of the gaps of each of these cones. Then place three more cones in the same pattern ten yards in front of the initial three cones. This will make a rectangle that is ten yards tall and twenty yards wide.


Create a sense of competition between teammates while training through an agility drill. The competitive nature of the race will stir up the competitive spirit in each of the players and cause them to push themselves as hard as they can.

Not only does this drill build player’s ability to quickly maneuver around turns, but it also forces them to utilize a quick reaction time to get a better jump off of the starting block than their opponent.

Drill Description

Players begin the drill with their feet shoulder width apart facing the coach. The coach starts the drill by saying “Ready!” and then pointing either to the right or to the left.

As soon as the coach point, the players take off in that direction and make a 90 degree cut around the first cone to that side. Players then race to the cone ten yards downfield before rounding it with a 180 degree turn and sprint back through the starting line to finish the race.

It is a fun racing drill that requires players to have a quick reaction off the start, turn twice, and run for a total of 25 yards in a race back to the finish line. Seeing their opponent out of the corner of their eyes will push them to make each turn faster and faster to catch up, or stay ahead of their competition.

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