Quick Cut Drill


Set up six cones in an alternating zigzag formation. There should be roughly three to five yards of diagonal space between each cone.


Focus on the footwork involved with making 90 degree cuts. This football drill is particularly useful for wide receivers to help them develop quick crisp route running.

Drill Description

Each player entering this drill will have enter with a slow pace of about half speed while running in between cones. When arriving at the cone, however, their foot speed should increase as fast as possible as they quickly chop their feet to make a crisp 90 degree cut.

When preparing to make the cut, players have three quick jab steps, ending with their cut foot which explodes and propels them in the other direction.

It is important for the players to keep their feet under their body. If they extend one of their feet too far out, it will often cause them to slip and lose their footing. Focusing on this footwork will allow your players to ingrain better habits and make quicker cuts while on the field.

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