Pro Agility Shuttle


Setup the drill by placing three cones 5 yards apart. These cones will indicate the boundaries of the drill. Technically, you do not need any cones if you already have yard lines that mark the field, but the players should be instructed which yard lines are the correct boundaries for the drill. The player should line up even with the middle cone with their feet straddling the line and their body facing the cones in front of them.


The primary purpose of the Pro Agility Shuttle is to evaluate a players quickness. Featuring two complete change of directions within a 20 yard span, this drill is the most popular way to measure a football player’s quickness on the field.

This drill is also sometimes called the 20 Yard Shuttle, referring to the total amount of yards covered by the player in the drill.

Drill Description

The player prepares for the drill by getting in an athletic stance while touching the center line with one of his hands. Upon bursting off of the center line the player quickly runs five yards to one side and touches the outside line with his hand. After completely changing direction, the player then runs ten yards and touches the other outside line with his hand. Then, turning all the way back around one more time, the player sprints five more yards through the center line to complete the drill.

If timing the player for evaluation, the timer starts as soon s the player’s hand lifts off the ground and stops as soon as the player’s body breaks the center line after the second turn.

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