Tug of War


Place a long, strong rope across the field with a cone placed in the middle of the competition.

Select two teams of players and distribute them on each side of the cone. The front player from each team will stand five yards away from the center cone.


This is a team building exercise that not only builds physical strength and fitness, but also creates camaraderie and a splash of fun among teammates.

Drill Description

Warning: Do not allow anybody to tie the rope, or wrap the rope around any part of their body in any way! It is extremely dangerous to tie the rope or wrap it around any part of one’s body as it will aggressively be ripped and pulled and can cause serious harm!

For safety purposes, have a whistle ready to be blown at the first sign of any danger. Instruct all players to drop the rope immediately upon the first sound of the whistle, regardless of whether or not the competition has been won or has come to a conclusion.

Upon starting the competition, both sides will tug on their rope and attempt to pull the other team over the center line. The first team to step across the center line loses and the competition has been won.

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