Standing Broad Jump


Mark the starting line to ensure that all athletes are jumping from the same location. If using as an evaluation drill, prepare a measurement method to measure the length of each athlete’s jump.


Predominantly used as a drill for purely evaluation purposes, this drill measures and develops the explosive power that each player possesses.

Drill Description

If using as an evaluation, only one jump is needed. Players step up to the starting line with two feet even and shoulder width apart. Squatting down, they explode into a jump as far out as they can. Players should be instructed to stick the landing so that you can measure the jump to where their nearest back heel landed. This measurement displays the explosive power that each athlete possesses.

If used as a developmental drill, players can perform this drill together by spreading out on the starting line and beginning to jump forward downfield. This jump is the same standing broad jump, but is continually repeated after sticking each landing. There should be no steps in between jumps. Instead, after sticking the landing, players regroup and begin the next explosive jump as they continue jumping downfield. Several repetitions of this drill builds explosive power throughout the entire lower body as well as developing balance as the athletes must focus on solidly landing each jump without faulty steps.

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