Rendezvous Relay


Players partner up and run this relay together as a partnership team. Cones are placed in the center of the field for each partnership to indicate the starting point.


The Rendezvous Relay can turn the conditioning portion of practice into a fun competitive game. It is easier for players to push themselves harder if there is some form of tangible competition that they can aim for. This drill provides that competitive outlet for conditioning time.

Drill Description

For each leg, one of the partners starts from the center cone and sprints to the sideline, touching it with their hand, then turns around and finishes their leg by running back to the center cone and tapping their partner’s hand. As soon as partners tap hands, the other partner may begin his portion of the drill by running to the opposite sideline and returning to the center. After each player in the partnership has touched the sideline and returned, they have completed one entire leg.

Coaches can determine the length of this drill by specifying the number of legs that players must run. For example, the quickest version of this drill is making the partnership run one leg.  However, to utilize this drill as a competitive conditioning drill, this drill can require as many as four or more legs per partnership.

Players can not leave from the center cone until their partner touches their hand. If contact is not made, then that team is disqualified from the competition.

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