Read the Block Drill


Place two cones on the line of scrimmage to mark the target hole for the running back. Place a tackle dummy five yards behind the line of scrimmage where a linebacker would stand. Two additional cones spread out ten yards are beyond the dummy. One person needs to man the dummy in order to tilt it one direction or the other. One person acts as the quarterback to handoff the ball to the running back.


All running backs need to learn how to read a block a respond instantaneously when quick changes of direction are needed. This drill teaches the awareness and change of direction needed to read block and successfully execute run plays.

Drill Description

Begin the drill by executing the handoff and beginning stages of a run play in your playbook. Running backs keep their eyes up and their head on a swivel as they enter through the hole in the line of scrimmage to keep an eye on the second level.

When they break through the line of scrimmage, the person manning the tackle dummy aggressively tilts it either to the right or to the left. If it goes left, then the player cuts right, and vice-versa.

After executing the cut, the running back continues through the drill by rounding the final cone and heading upfield.

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