Mirror Drill


Place two cones ten yards apart from each other. An offensive lineman lines up one side across from a player acting as the defender.


The purpose of the mirror drill is to build the offensive lineman’s side shuffle speed in coordination with his reaction time to a moving defender.

Drill Description

The defender attempts to run around the offensive lineman, continually changing direction and moving laterally from side to side throughout the length of the drill.

The offensive blocker must mirror the movement of the defender and stay in front of him at all time. The offensive lineman traverses the horizontal space through a side shuffle. His feet must never cross each other, as that would lead to his feet getting tangled up, and he will not be able to change direction as quickly. Instead, he should remain low in his stance, and quickly shuffle his feet to mirror the movement of the defender.

There is no contact in this drill. The goal is simply for the offensive player to mirror and stay in front of the defender, but neither player should engage in contact with each other.

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