Inside Drill


Grab all the players in the positions that comprise the “inside” of a play. Namely, your lineman, linebackers, quarterbacks, and running backs. Create boundaries for the drill that contain the drill to the central inside portion of a play.


Focus specifically on the run plays with the players on the “inside” of the play. This drill is where you can get really detailed work and repetitions with the personnel responsible for implementing run plays on offense and stopping run plays on defense.

Drill Description

Continuously call run plays to have the inside of the offense face off in full speed against the inside of the defense. After each play, allow the offense to reset and huddle back up before running the next play.

Both the offense and defense can mix up the play calls and formations to add variety to the types of plays they are working on throughout their playbook.

This drill allows for coaches to get specific with their coaching points between each play since the drill is boiled down to just the inside personnel. Take advantage of the opportunities in the drill to make sure that every player knows exactly what his techniques and responsibilities are for each play.

In a way, this drill is almost the exact opposite of the 7-on-7 Drill, which focuses on the outside personnel with purely passing plays.

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