7-on-7 Drill


Seven defensive players line up against seven offensive players. The seven players needed for this drill are from the seven skill positions (backfield players, with the exception of the center on offense.)


The purpose of the 7-on-7 drill is to focus on the passing concepts, strategies, and techniques for your team. With 100% percent of the repetitions comprising of pass plays, this drill specializes in the passing game.

Drill Description

The offense competes against the defense through a series of pass plays. Coaches call passing plays on offense for the quarterback, running back, and wide receivers.  Coaches call pass defense plays on defense for the linebackers, cornerbacks, and safeties.

Due to the fact that this drill specializes in the passing game, coaching points can be made in between repetitions to ensure that all players are clear on their roles and responsibilities for the given play calls.

This drill focuses on the exterior of offensive and defensive formations making it a good companion drill for the Inside Drill which focuses on the interior of formations.

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