Goalpost Relay


Players grab a partner and position themselves on the starting line. The starting line can be determined by the yard line that provides the desired conditioning effect for the drill.


A competitive way to incorporate conditioning and teamwork into the practice.

Drill Description

One of the two players in each partnership begins the drill by running towards the goalpost. The entire team runs this at once, so there will be a competition to jockey for position to get the inside track around the goalpost.

After running around the goalpost, the player then returns to the starting line and most touch his partner’s hand to release his partner for his leg of the relay. Players are not allowed to leave the starting line until they have been tagged by their partner. Leaving too early results in automatic disqualification, and the player must return back to the starting line before running around the goalpost.

Coaches assign the number of legs that each player is required to run in order to get the desired conditioning effect.

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