Line your players up on one sideline. This conditioning drill will use the full width of the field so make sure it is clear of obstructions.


Building endurance is an often overlooked attribute for a football team because it is less glamorous than other attributes.  Nonetheless, it is a very necessary one. Running the consecutive lengths of the field will allow your team to GAIN endurance and have better conditioning.

Drill Description

The Gainer is a classic conditioning drill that strengthens your team’s endurance levels. With all participants lined up on one sideline, begin the drill by having them run to the other sideline.  After touching the sideline with their hand, turn back around to the starting sideline.  Once more touch that sideline and finish on the far sideline for three entire lengths of the width of the football field where they will recover until the next repetition of the drill.

Due to the fact that this is a conditioning drill, it is absolutely imperative that each player makes it across the entirety of the field and physically touches the far sideline with their hand before turning back around.  This has three main purposes. 1) Squatting low enough to touch the line with your hand requires an extra movement and use of your leg muscles in order to have a greater effect for conditioning purposes.  2) If they do not reach all the way to the sideline, they are cheating themselves out of conditioning and will result in a weaker player that fatigues quicker. 3) Conditioning builds disciple, and cutting corners hurts both their physical strength, as well as, their mental strength.

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