Bull Rush Drill


Position a defensive lineman face to face against an offensive lineman. Place a tackle dummy five yards behind the line of scrimmage and contain the drill by setting up a series of cones that creates a boundary for the drill to make it five yards wide.


Simulate a battle in the interior line to work on pass rush ability and pass protection ability.

Drill Description

Unlike the Around the Corner Drill, which simulates a blitz around the edge of the offensive line, this drill simulates a blitz up in the middle of the offensive line.

Upon the start of a drill, the defensive lineman will begin bull rushing the offensive lineman by pushing them back into the quarterback, resembled by the tackle dummy.  The offensive lineman will utilize proper pass blocking techniques to stay low and in front of his opponent to keep him from getting into the backfield and tackling the dummy.

There are three ways that this drill can end. The first way to end the drill is after five seconds have elapsed. If time runs out, then the offensive lineman wins. The second way to end the drill is if the defensive lineman steps outside the bounds of the cones. The defender is allowed to try to get around his opponent on the way to the tackle dummy, be he must stay within the narrow bounds to the drill, because the purpose is to simulate a rush up the middle interior of the offensive line. The third way to end the drill is if the defender is successfully able to knock the tackle dummy over by either completing a tackle or pushing the offensive lineman into the dummy.

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