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Place one cone on the line of scrimmage and another cone three yards behind the cone on the line of scrimmage. Place a tackle dummy to represent the quarterback roughly six yards inside of the cones and six yards behind the line of scrimmage. The offensive tackle lines up inside the cones on the LOS and the defender lines up outside the cones on the LOS.


This drill simulates a pass rush off the edge of the offensive line. The offensive tackle will need to work on how to properly block an outside blitz, while the defender works on techniques to avoid the block and get to the quarterback.

Drill Description

Unlike the Bull Rush Drill, which simulates a pass rush up the middle of the offensive line, this drill simulates a blitz around the edge of the offensive line.

Players should perform their pass blocking / pass rushing techniques as they would a normal play, with a few rules and restrictions. The defender must go outside of the second cone. He is allowed to blitz around the blocker, or even cut underneath the blocker, but he must at least go deep enough to go around the three yard cone. This is to simulate the obstructions of where the rest of the offensive line would be on a normal play.

Run the drill for five seconds. If the defender gets a sack on the tackle dummy, then he wins. If the blocker holds the blitz off for five seconds and protects the quarterback, then he wins.

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