Block Battle Drill


Use cones to create a boundary for the drill that is six yards wide. A yard line through the middle will be helpful to indicate the line of scrimmage, and cones may be placed to indicate three yards of height on either side of the line of scrimmage to indicate the end of the back boundary.


Players face off with the purpose of increasing their run blocking ability and building their power to move people in the trench in the middle of a play.

Drill Description

Match players up as partners with an even size and skill level. Each set of partners faces off in the block battle to push each other backward.

Players begin the drill close to each other, without a running start, to limit the vicious, high-velocity contact. Instead, this drill almost acts as a form of a one-on-one tug of war.

A player wins the drill if they can push their opponent backward beyond the back cones before time runs out. Coaches let the drill go for 5-10 seconds depending on the competition level.

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