Barrel Role Drill


Three players line up and lay face down in a push up position with a gap of space in between each other.


This drill does not have a direct football skill associated with it, however, it does have three purposes for players on a football team. 1) This drill teaches teamwork and cooperation. If one player fails to execute his job at the proper time in coordination with his teammates, the group will fail as a whole. This drill helps builds teamwork at the beginning of a season.  2) At younger levels, this drill also gives players a feeling and a sense for how their pads absorb contact, as they will continually throw their bodies at the ground.  3) Constant repetitions of this drill build condition and endurance.  This is a good conditioning drill because it requires strength, endurance, and focus throughout.

Drill Description

Three players (A, B, & C) start face down in a push up position and continuously perform a rolling rotation where the outside player jumps in between the two other players.

Step 1: Player A jumps out of his pushup position and over Player B. As soon as he lands, he rolls towards and underneath Player C.

Step 2: Player C then jumps out of his pushup position and over the rolling Player A.  As soon as he lands, he begins rolling towards Player B.

Player B is now in Player A’s starting position from Step 1, and this rotation continues until the coaches stop the drill.

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