Two Minute Drill


The two minute drill requires the entire offense to line up against the entire defense.  Usually, you will want to place the ball on the 20 yard line to simulate the start of a fresh offensive drive.


Practice the unique “two minute” situation where your offense gets the ball with only two minutes left on the clock before the end of the half or end of the game.

Drill Description

Run this drill in a manor that simulates a full game scenario as closely as possible. Often times, when the clock is running out at the end of a half in a real game, and the seconds start ticking down, things can begin to feel very chaotic for both players and coaches. This drill provides an opportunity to practice the proper procedures and principles that players and coaches must follow in order to put points up on the scoreboard before the scoreboard ticks down to 0:00.

The offensive coach continuously calls plays to march his team down the field. One coach is in control of a clock and loudly declares the time remaining regularly throughout the course of the drill. Once you start the drive, there should be absolutely no pauses or resets, because you will not be able to pause and reset in a real game. Optionally, the offense can be given one timeout to utilize as they see fit.

One key principle that players need to keep in mind is that if they are running with the ball, they need to try their absolute hardest to not get tackled in bounds, but should instead seek to run out of bounds in order to stop the clock. Additionally, this is a great opportunity to teach your team how to “spike” the ball in order to stop the clock, if a player is tackled in bounds.

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