Tip Drill


Determine who is responsible for the three roles in this drill. There should be a thrower on one end of the drill, a tipper in the middle of the drill, and a catcher on the other end of the drill. Participants should be aligned together with the tipper directly in the middle of the thrower and the catcher.


Build the ability for players to react quickly to different types of tips when the ball gets tipped up in the air. This is an amazing opportunity for a defense to come up with an interception when the ball gets tipped up in the middle of the play. Developing your players’ ability to react to a tip and catch the ball will allow your team to be prepared to create turnovers while on defense.

Drill Description

The person throwing the ball aims his throw above the head of the tipper in order to allow the tipper to easily tip the ball up into the air. The tipper uses both of his hands, almost like a volleyball set, to tip the ball up into the air behind them towards the catcher.

The catcher prepares to quickly react to where the ball gets tipped and go catch the ball wherever it goes, even if a dive is needed.

Due to the fact that no single tip will be identical, this drill prepares your players to react to all different types of scenarios and trajectories in order to go catch the ball and secure the interception.

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