Tackle Lanes


Two players line up face-to-face, five yards apart from each other.


Teach proper tackle technique with the Tackle Lanes Drill. This drill focuses on the particular body placement and form of a textbook tackle.

This drill is also effective in pregame warmups to expose your defense to some light contact before the game begins.

Drill Description

Both players run half speed at a 45 degree angle to the side. The tackler works on making a proper form tackle. The tackler gets low, keeps his head up and places his body in front of the body of the runner so as to not accidentally perform an arm tackle. An arm tackle is when only the arms of the defender make contact on the ball carrier, which is a very easy tackle to break out of.

After wrapping his arms around the tackle, the tackler drives through and pushes back for a couple of yards. Both players should remain on their feet at all times throughout the drill.

The tackler then rotates and takes his place in the other line and continues the rotation.

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