Swim Move Drill


Place a series of tackle dummies in a staggered line across the field in front of the player(s).


Teach defensive players the technique of the swim move. Multiple repetitions of the Swim Move Drill will reinforce the muscle memory associated with successfully pulling off the swim move.

Drill Description

Players start in a three point stance and run forward off of the line. As they approach the first tackle dummy, they prepare for the swim move.

To successfully pull off the swim move, players must first choose which side they are going to swim towards. If they choose the left side, they must use their left hand to swipe at waist level and push the blocker away to the right, as they bring their right hand up and over the blocker in order to quickly get their body past the block.

Making a quick head fake in the wrong direction can be a beneficial addition as players get more comfortable with the hand movement aspect of the swim move.

Drill participants alternate the direction of their swim move against each of the tackle dummies as they make their way downfield and through the drill.

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