Stiff Arm Drill


Place four cones in a diamond shape with a height of ten yards.


Work on the proper placements, timing, and technique of the stiff arm, as a way to avoid tacklers while carrying the football.

Drill Description

Run this drill at half speed to teach the proper technique and increase the speed only after good habits have been built. The defender approaches the ball carrier at an angle that is acceptable for a stiff arm attempt.

When initiating the stiff arm, there are three locations that the ball carrier should aim for.  1) Top of the helmet, to push down and away.  2) Side of the should pad, to push out and away.  3) Center of the breastplate, to push back and away.

Coaching a practice should first focus on placement, then focus on power, then focus on speed. There is no need to actually involve real defenders for this drill. Simply utilize other running backs and/or offensive personnel to rotate through this drill.

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