Sticky Drill


Player partner up according to size and ability in this blocking drill.


Holding a defender is the easiest way to keep him from making a tackle. However, obviously, holding is illegal while blocking. This drill teaches blockers how to make themselves “sticky” and stick to defenders without getting a flag thrown for holding.

Drill Description

Players line up face to face with one player acting as the defender and the other acting as the blocker. The defender starts the drill by making a move either directly forward, or at an angle to the side.

Upon the defender’s first move, the blocker must shuffle his feet to remain in front of the defender, and then stick his hands into the defender’s chest.

Flags are thrown for holding in one of two situations. Either when referees see a player tugging and stretching a jersey, or when the blocker wraps his arms around the defender. When blockers keep their hands inside the defender’s chest, however, they are given leeway to attach onto the player without a holding flag being thrown. Therefore, the proper blocking technique is for blockers to center up on the defender and stick to them by gaining a grasp on the defender’s chest plate. Only after the defender separates and extends away does the grip need to be released in time to avoid the holding call.

Remaining face to face and chest to chest is critical for a good block, and this drill teaches blockers the technique to center up and stick to defenders.

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