Spin Drill


This drill requires one ball carrier and one person holding a blocking pad roughly five yards away. There are three different angles to work for this drill. Two diagonal angles, and one head-on, in front angle.


Practice initiating the spin move to utilize as a ball carrying technique to avoid a tackle.

Drill Description

Players run towards a blocking pad with the mindset of breaking out a spin move to break the tackle. This drill focuses on the proper technique of the spin move.

Spin moves are not usually utilized in the open field, but are instead used at the very onset of contact. If a ball carrier times the spin right at the moment of contact, before the defender can gain a grasp of the ball carrier, then the spin move has a high chance of success.

The runner must lower his shoulder into the defender as if he is trying to run him over with power, but right as soon as they make contact, the runner must spin out and to the side to throw the defender for a loop and break free past the defender.

Run this drill at different angles to practice all the different perspectives that a runner may face when using the spin move.

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