Screen Block Drill


Place a series of cones on one side of the field that indicate a 10 yard wide strip of field that contains the players in the drill.

A linebacker lines up inside the cones five yards away from the line of scrimmage, and a safety lines up inside the cones ten yards away from the line of scrimmage.


Simulate the open field blocking and tackling of a screen pass play. The offensive line learns how to run in space and make a block in the open field.  The defenders learn how to avoid blocks and make tackles on the running back during a screen play in the open field.  The running back and quarterback both work on their footwork, timing, and responsibilities for a screen pass play.

Drill Description

The offensive players (quarterback, running back, one guard, and one tackle) run throw the progression of a screen pass play in the backfield.

The defenders must wait inside the cones until the running back catches the ball. As soon as the running back catches the ball, the defenders step inside the cones and release to make a tackle on the ball carrier.

All drill participants must stay inside the boundaries of the cones throughout the drill. If the running back makes it ten yards downfield, then the offense wins the competition, but if he gets tackled or steps outside the cones, then the defense wins the drill.

To increase the size of this drill, incorporate the center as another blocker with a cornerback starting outside the cones as another defender.

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