Roll & Go Drill


The player sets up in a 3-point stance on the line of scrimmage. A coach stands a few yards in front of the player, and a tackle dummy is placed behind the coach at 7 yards to represent the quarterback.


Players learn how to keep their eyes up in the backfield and react while in a three point stance, and they learn how to quickly move and recover while on the ground.

Drill Description

The coach begins the drill by pointing in either the left or right direction and saying “Roll!”

When directed, the player quickly reacts and rolls onto his back and around in the direction the coach pointed. When the player finishes his roll, he regains his 3-point stance and quickly returns his eyes back up to the coach.

The coach continues pointing in various directions and instructing the player to “Roll!”

After a few rolls, the coach will then get out of the way and say “Go!”

The player then blasts off of the line of scrimmage and goes to sack the tackle dummy.

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