Passing Tree Drill


Quarterbacks line up in the middle of the field while wide receivers line up on the line of scrimmage prepared to run all the routes in the passing tree.


Players learn the number system for your team’s passing tree and how to run and execute each of the routes.

Drill Description

Receivers line up and individually run each route in the passing tree. Quarterbacks throw the ball to each receiver as they run the routes. Starting with the lowest number and going to the largest number, receivers each run one route once until all receivers have looped through every route in the passing tree.

Each team’s passing tree numbers may vary slightly, but in general, one popular way to number the routes is to have the even numbers run to the inside of the play and the odd numbers run to the outside of the play. The bigger the number, the further the route. This allows players and coaches to quickly communicate the routes with each other in an easily understandable way.

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