Pass Pursuit Drill


The defense lines up in their base defensive formation. The coach lines up as the quarterback for the offense and selects 3 to 4 players/helpers/coaches to position themselves at various locations within the defensive secondary.


The purpose of the Pass Pursuit Drill is to equip defenders with the ability to identify where the quarterback throws a pass and quickly pursue to the location of the targeted receiver.

Drill Description

This drill is the passing play version of the Pursuit Drill. Instead of taking an angle to pursue a running back down the sideline, this drill requires defenders to identify where the ball was thrown and pursue the receiver.

A coach acts as the quarterback and simulates a snap. Once the play has begun, all defenders run in place while keeping their eyes on the quarterback/coach. The coach then throws the ball to one of the stationary receivers.

Immediately upon the throw, all defenders rally to the location of the receiver and run in place next to the receiver (without tackling him) until all players have arrived at that location and the coach whistles the play dead.

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