Line Drill


Place players on a line and clear out all the space across the field behind the player to avoid any possible collisions.


Specifically for defensive backs and defenders, the Line Drill teaches players how to flip their hips and swiftly control their backward run on the football field. It is one thing to be able to back peddle fast, but it is another level to control your movement and stay in a straight line.

Drill Description

Players begin a back peddle while remaining straight on the line. After a few yards, players flip their hips into a run while keeping their eyes back at the starting point. After a few more yards, the player flips his hips back and settles into a back peddle. Continue this rotation, flipping hips each way, all the way through the extent of the drill while keeping eyes up on the starting point.

During the Line Drill, the focus is completely on having the player remain on the line and not straying out or bowing off of the line when flipping their hips.

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