High Point Catch Drill


Receivers line up on the side of the field with a coach/quarterback ten yards behind the receivers.


Very rarely will a receiver be wide open down the sideline on a play. More often than not, the receiver will have to jump up over the defender to catch a pass.

The purpose for the High Point Catch Drill is for receivers to develop the ability to properly time their footwork to jump up as high as they can to an incoming pass and catch it at the highest possible point over a defender.

Drill Description

Receivers run three-quarters speed down the sideline and identify the trajectory of a high pass coming their way.

The focus for this drill is on the footwork and timing involved with securely the catch at the highest point possible. Players jump up and extend their arms and hands up high to the sky to meet the ball at the high point.

Sometimes a successful completion in a game is determined by mere inches. This drill will help get every inch out of a players ability to go high and meet the ball at the highest point.

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