Gap Attack


Place five tackle dummies with 1-2 yards of space in between them like an offensive line would line up in formation. One defender and one ball carrier should stand across from each other five yards behind the dummies.


The purpose of this drill is for both the defender and the ball carrier to read and attack the gaps of the offensive line. The ball carrier’s purpose is to attack the open gap and get through the defense. The defender’s purpose is to react and attack the same gap as the ball carrier in order to make a tackle.

Drill Description

A coach gives commands in order to run the drill. Begin the drill by having both players shuffle horizontally, side-to-side, without creeping up closer to the line of scrimmage. The ball carrier, can shuffle whichever direction he wants, when he wants, as long as he stays horizontal and inside the span of the drill.

The coach will give a command to “Go!” and the ball carrier will shoot towards one of the gaps. The defender then must attack that same gap in order to make the tackle and stop the player from getting past him.

The ball carrier is allowed to change direction and shoot through any of the gaps that he chooses. The defender will want to attack forward and try to initiate contact in the gap.

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