Flush the Pocket Drill


Determine a starting location and set your Quarterback up in his typical formation alignment, whether it be under center or in the shotgun.  Place one player, 10 yards deep by the sideline to receive the ball.


Teach Quarterbacks the footwork involved with rolling out of the pocket. Additionally, develop the Quarterback’s skill of throwing the ball while on the run.

Drill Description

The Quarterback performs their typical 3-step, 5-step, and/or 7-step drop and set up in the pocket. When given a command, the Quarterbacks flushes out of the pocket by either rolling out to their frontside or doing an “Elway Drill” out to their backside.

Upon rolling out, the Quarterback should gain depth by rolling about 3 yards back deeper as he begins his rollout. Once he has achieved good depth, the Quarterback finds his target and directs his body directly at his target. One thing that will make for errant throws while throwing on the run is if the Quarterback’s body is facing towards the sideline instead of downfield.  That is why it is absolutely critical that the Quarterback get enough depth that he can turn his body around and downfield toward his target. Upon identifying his target, the Quarterback throws the ball downfield to the target.

If there is a rotation of Quarterbacks in line for the drill the Quarterback replaces the receiver after he throws the ball, and the receiver then gets in line to perform the drill himself in order to continually keep the rotation going.

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