Find the Window


The quarterback and the wide receiver line up in formation on the offensive side of the ball. Three players line up as linebackers on the defensive side of the ball about seven yards deep.


Finding an open zone to settle into is one of the most difficult skills for wide receivers to learn in football. This drill teaches receivers how to find the open window in order to get themselves open for the quarterback. The quarterback also gets to build his chemistry with the receivers as they work in tandem to complete a pass in the open window.

Drill Description

A wide receiver runs a 10 yard in route across the middle of the field and watches the linebackers in order to find the best place to settle down in an open area.

The quarterback takes the snap and drops back while reading the linebackers and the trajectory of his receiver.

As the receiver runs his route, the players acting as the linebacker randomly take a couple of steps either to the right of the left, in order to make the receiver and quarterback react.

It is the receiver’s job to locate an open area to position himself for the quarterback, and it is the quarterback’s job to provide a throw to his receiver that slices in between the defenders and hits his receiver in the numbers.

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