Fade Drill


A cornerback and a receiver line up across from each other near the end zone on the outside of the line of scrimmage.


When close to the end zone, the successful execution of a fade route can mean the difference between scoring a touchdown and settling for a field goal.

This drill allows both the offense and the defense to get experience executing and defending a fade route into the end zone.

Drill Description

The quarterback and the receiver must exhibit teamwork to successfully convert a fade route into the end zone. The receiver must cleanly get to the proper location, and the quarterback must perfectly place the ball up high where only his receiver can get to it.

Depending on the positioning of the cornerback, the quarterback may select to throw the fade to the back shoulder of the receiver. Therefore, the quarterback/receiver combo must have great teamwork and chemistry to pull off this play.

The quarterback will either put to the ball up high over the cornerback in the back of the end zone or fire it on a line to the outside for the receiver to cut back and get to.

The cornerback will play up close to the receiver and attempt to stick his hands in between the receivers hands to prevent the catch.

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