Double Trouble Drill


The offense huddles up and the coach sends two plays into the huddle at once.


In time-critical situations, coaches may need to deliver two plays into the huddle at once. This is called a double play call and requires the team to remember both plays to quickly run them in sequence without having to huddle again in between plays. Rapidly moving into the next play can often throw the defense off and result in picking up some easy yards, if the offense can keep both play calls in their mind at once.

This drill trains the team to both remember and execute a double play call.

Drill Description

Two plays are given in the huddle to be run one after the other. The offense breaks the huddle and runs the first play. A coach runs downfield and acts as the referee to set up the ball on the new line of scrimmage.

The offense then quickly resets on the new line of scrimmage and runs the second play as quickly as possible in hopes of catching the defense off guard.

No defense is needed for this drill. The plays can simply be run against air, because the focus of the drill is not on competition, but instead on remember two different play calls and executing them back to back.

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